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Silver Fig Jewelry honors family, friends and traditions by creating one of a kind, personalized jewelry designed not just to be worn by its owners, but to be imprinted by its owners’ lives. Gina Ivy, creator of Silver Fig Jewelry, honors her love of silver and traditions by crafting precious metal clay jewelry.

Gina has had a life-long love affair with antique silver pieces. Whether it is a salt shaker, a spoon or a piece of heirloom jewelry, silver is used by people more than any other precious metal. Silver itself does not make these pieces special; the human imprint on the silver makes them special.

Wearing silver changes it, giving it a luster and patina as unique as its owner. By wearing and lovingly caring for silver, it takes on the qualities of its owners. Passing it down through the generations results in a piece that captures the personal history of family and friends unlike any other. Silver’s inherent strength and beauty make it an excellent choice for jewelry. Each piece of Silver Fig Jewelry is hand made from clay infused with pure silver. When the clay is fired in a kiln, the clay burns away and only the pure silver remains. Hand finishing brings the pieces to life.

This jewelry line is Gina’s invitation to you to bring something special into your own life and traditions. It is beautiful silver jewelry you will want to wear every day and that will never go out of style. Gina has worked in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband and teenage son.
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